Short stories

On this page, you can find several short one-two page stories about various situations and feelings


This is a short story about life and path in the world. Destiny is the most unclear and mysterious thing that a human can imagine. Life is so unpredictable, and every moment can be the last one but we just don't know how to live in other way.

Through the Day

Just a little story of a girl living her day. Routine can swallow you, but even so, you can find time for yourself, for thoughts, for emotions, for delicious food and interesting stories. It's important not to lose yourself.

New Year Fail

This is a one-spread story for the Third edition of Breden bu Akulka print. This comic tells how I lost my phone in the snow after a New Year party and was already desperate to find it. This memory still gives me horror and goosebumps. Among the other requirement for submission was to fit this story onto one spread, which was a real challenge.
This story was aimed to show the emotional state and stress, all these thoughts and fears that appears in our head when you lose something really important.

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