Editorial illustrations for Юность magazine
Майя Кучерская / Maya Kucherskaya
День рождения / Birthday

This is a story of a boy who wanted to meet his birthday with a girl he liked, but his parents (music-oriented people) didn't have enough time to care about his wishes. He also had to study music, but he felt that he had no talent and interest in it, at the same time as to impress the girl from his music school. He had to spend his birthday in the countryside with his grandma, where he met an interesting guy who showed him how birds beautifully sing. 

This is a very beautiful, touching and inspiring story that everyone worrying about his talent and life should read. I tried to depict the light of inspiration and the fragility of music that we cannot touch but can understand and feel.

Китайские Колокольчики / Chinese Bells

It's quite difficult to write about this story because you have to read this to feel this fear of a fail, this end of a dream for a very young fourteen-year-old girl. She wanted to be a rapper at the beginning of the 2000s in middle Russia. You have to imagine this grey sad world of poore people living in old flats, having no money to buy cloth and other things. And this little girl with her dream to be a rapper as her idol Eminem. And the story is about her first fail on the school scene in front of her friends and class. The fail that happened because of her fear. 

Пцыроха / Ptsyrokha

Ptsyrokha also is a story about a very young boy in a very poor family, having his own feelings about his life and relations between his parents. He builds stories and jokes out of the very dramatic context of Russia in the 90s. The boy is a representation of the thousands of children at that period who just tried to be children and had a happy childhood while their parents lived a quite different and sometimes tragic life.

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