Editorial illustrations for Discours.io
Скотт Александер / Scott Alexander
Чему меня научили пять тысяч лет в альтернативной вселенной / What five thousand years in an alternative Universe taught me

It is a series of illustrations for Discours.io for the article about five thousand years in the alternative universe. I tried to show this feeling of creation and mystery of imaginary worlds.

Владимир Коркунов | Vladimir Korkunov

Последний концерт оркестра-призрака | The last ghost orchestra concert

Poems from the collection "The last ghost orchestra concert". Through exploration of plane and ship crashes, the fate of terminally ill children and adults, and by a discussion about the rights of women in the patriarchal world, domestic violence and other social and ethical problems Vladimir Korkunov is describing the existential space of man.

By this illustration, I tried to show the vulnerable and fragile atmosphere of that poetry. All these reminded me of a dream where everything mixes, time is impermanent and landmarks are lost. When we try to discuss such difficult issues we have to be very empathic and ready to feel everything as if it happens to us

Story (narrative)
Виктор Либеров / Viktor Liberov
Краболов / Crabber

This is a story about loneliness, fighting with the inner and outer worlds, overcoming fears and suffering from life. Illustrations show the storm, huge waves of chaos in the character’s life, and his attempts to coup with this, to set and reach the goal, even if it’s a weird one.

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